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Transparent Reporting: We provide a Lot# on each product we sell, so you know its clean.


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Anresco Labs tests 225 of the United States Department of Agricultures National Organic Programs (USDA-NOP) pesticides as well as the most commonly found pesticides in cannabis and cannabis oils.

Why we use Anresco Labs

  • 225 USDA-NOP pesticides tes
  • ISO 17025 accredited since 2008
  • ELAP Certified
  • FDA Registered (and routinely perform testing on behalf of the FDA)
  • Family-owned and run operation. No corporate interests here.
  • In business since 1943. Needless to say, we have experience in analytical testing.
  • Five section supervisors; each with 25-30 years of experience in their respective fields.

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Many cannabis growers have used a wide variety of pesticides in the past on the plant, soil and water. Some pesticides are even found on the clones purchased from nurseries as a result of pesticides being present in the parent plant. A cannabis plant can get pesticide drift from neighboring farms and crops.

At Doctor Paul's we source our cannabis from growers who plant from seed, in areas with clean soil, clean water and clean air.

How common is the problem?

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