Cannabis Testing Policy: Recommendations For More Thoughtful and Consistent Regulations

Dr. Paul helped contribute to the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) recommendation regarding testing of Cannabis. DOWNLOAD THE PDF


Read the comment prepared by Dr. Paul for the NCIA on cannabis scheduling

Dr. Paul on behalf of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) has prepared a comment on the drug scheduling of cannabis. In this comment it presents scientific evidence in favor of removing cannabis from drug scheduling. You can read the full comment at


Research-Based Approach to Terpenes

Read the latest article about Dr. Paul and his unique approach to cannabis and terpenes (Wietstock, Cara) Terpenes and Testing Magazine


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Blending cannabis oils and terpenes to produce research based physical and mental outcomes

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The Science of Terpenes

Although landmark studies in the 1960s showed that THC is the predominant psychoactive component in cannabis, there is now ample evidence that its medicinal/psychoactive properties are modified by a class of organic compounds called terpenes. At Dr. Paul's we believe terpenes underlie the discrete biological effects induced by cannabis, and we are actively performing experiments to "crack the code".


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* All of our Cannabis is 100% Organic

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Dr. Paul’s produces Bordeaux-like cannabis concentrates with terpene blends of the highest quality using the safest technology on the market, CO2 supercritical extraction. Our extraction procedures not only have outstanding flavor and aroma profiles true to the original flower, but deliver the highest levels of consistency in quality, dosing and efficacy. We apply the “entourage” principle by blending terpenes to induce highly reproducible physiological states.


Who is Dr. Paul? 

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